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Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care | Redding CA | Shasta LakePatients with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing eye diseases that can cause vision loss and blindness, such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma. These and other serious conditions often develop without vision loss or pain, so significant damage may be done to the eyes by the time the patient notices any symptoms. For this reason it is very important for diabetic patients to have their eyes examined once a year. The eye is examined through a dilated pupil, and our ophthalmologists look for signs of developing problems in the eye’s structures and blood vessels. Our practice has the ability to utilize laser treatments for diabetic retinopathy. Diagnosing and treating eye disease early can prevent vision loss. It is also important to maintain a steady blood-sugar level, take prescribed medications, follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid smoking.

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