Cataract Treatment

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Can Cataracts Be Prevented?

Reducing the amount of ultraviolet light exposure by wearing a wide-brim hat and sunglasses may reduce your risk for developing a cataract but once developed there is no cure except to have the cataract surgically removed. Early detection through regular eye exams can help maintain the clearest vision possible.

What is a Cataract?
Who Develops Cataracts?

By the age of 65, most people will have formed cataracts, which occur when your human lens becomes clouded to such an extent that it has an effect on your vision and quality of life. This condition typically comes about with age, but can also result from trauma, disease, and use of select medications. Several groups have an increased risk for developing cataracts and potentially need cataract surgery.

Instances include:

  • Diabetics
  • Steroid users
  • Smokers
  • Patients who have experienced trauma

If you have cataracts or plan to have cataract surgery, and you would like to be evaluated, the doctors of Shasta Eye Medical Group would be delighted to assist you. Our doctors are recognized by their patients and colleagues as innovators and pioneers in cataract and intraocular lens (IOL) surgery.  Contact us today so we can help you achieve a brighter future!

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Are there symptoms associated with Cataracts?

There is no pain associated with the condition, but there are several symptoms that indicate failing vision due to cataracts. These include:

  • Blurred/hazy vision
  • Spots in front of the eye(s)
  • Sensitivity to glare
  • A feeling of “film” over the eye(s)
  • A temporary improvement in near vision
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How are Cataracts Treated?

Vision loss from cataracts can often be corrected with prescription glasses and contact lenses. For people who are significantly affected by cataracts, replacement surgery may be the preferred method of treatment. During cataract replacement (the most common surgical procedure in the country), the lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one called an intraocular lens or IOL.

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