Advanced Laser Technology

Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery with LenSx

Shasta Eye Medical Group is proud to be the FIRST in Redding to offer All-Laser, Blade Free Cataract Surgery.

The LenSx Laser automates some of the most important steps of your cataract surgery, providing unmatched precision, safety, and predictability.

Laser vs Traditional Cataract Surgery

Benefits of Laser Surgery and How it Works

Your surgeon is assisted by the LenSx femtosecond laser, it provides precise automation to help several aspects of cataract surgery including:

Laser Created Incisions

Tiny self-sealing incisions are a necessary component of cataract surgery to give your surgeon the ability to remove your foggy lens and replace it with a new intraocular lens. In traditional cataract surgery, all incisions are done manually with a blade.  In laser-assisted cataract surgery, each incision is customized and completed by a computer-guided femtosecond laser.  Incision size and placement can be adjusted by your surgeon based on a live 3D image of your eye during surgery.

Capsulotomy Creation

Our eye’s natural lens is sheathed in a thin, transparent capsule often referred to as the capsular bag.  In preparation to extract the cloudy lens, your surgeon must produce a circular perforation in the anterior (front) capsule.  In traditional cataract surgery, the surgeon would use a needle-like device to manufacture this opening and remove it with forceps.  In laser cataract surgery, the circular opening is performed in seconds by the laser.  Multiple studies show that the accuracy and reproducibility of a laser-created capsulotomy, to be an improved method versus traditional.

Easier Cataract Removal with Lens Fragmentation

When the laser breaks up and segments the cataract lens, this will limit the amount of ultrasonic energy and time needed to remove it.  This can result in reduced inflammation within the eye and quicken visual recovery times.  Most of our patients will see improved vision as early as the day after surgery.

Correction of Astigmatism

The LenSx laser can apply Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI’s) during your cataract surgery.  LRI’s can greatly reduce or eliminate a patient’s low to mild astigmatism in most cases which will help improve visual outcomes at distance. They can also be used to fine-tune a toric lens treatment for patients with moderate to high astigmatism.  Your doctor will determine, if necessary, where to have the laser perform an LRI with the assistance of a 3D custom mapping.

In Summary:

Traditional and laser-assisted cataract surgery are both extremely safe procedures.  Laser-assisted cataract surgery has the advantages of increased precision, greater predictability, and improved customization.  The expert surgeons at Shasta Eye Group are experienced in both techniques and will explain their recommendations during your cataract evaluation.  Please contact our office at (530) 223-2500 with any inquiries or to schedule your evaluation for this life-altering procedure.

Cataract Surgery with LenSx – What to Expect

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